In Memoriam: Dogwood Dave

Back at the beginning of the month, I saw a Facebook post in the S.A.S.S. and Cowboy Action Shooting group about a Gun Cart. A Pard named Dogwood Dave had passed away and his friend was looking to find a new home for the cart. Apparently, Dogwood’s spouse was hoping it would be donated to a young Cowboy Action Shooter. That definitely is the Cowboy way, passing down tools for the next generation to use.

I responded to the post since the cart was in our neck of the woods and my son, Wildcard Ace needed one. Later that day we picked it up and chatted a bit to Dogwood’s friend about Cowboy Action Shooting. I explained we planned to add something to the cart in Dogwood’s memory. I never had the honor to meet Dogwood but this just seemed appropriate to us.

Today we installed a brass plate on the side, with an inscription in his memory on the cart. It is just big enough that other cowpokes will see it and maybe share a memory if they knew Dogwood Dave. I feel with all tools passed down through the ages there are stories to share. As this old gun cart continues to find its way to matches, Wildcard Ace will add his own.

I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to Dogwood Dave’s family and friends if they are reading this. We will do our best to honor his memory by continuing to be involved in the hobby he enjoyed. In addition, by encouraging others to pass along equipment to the next generation and pay it forward. Our next match we plan to let those steel banditos know, “This one's for Dogwood Dave!”

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