New Feature: Shooter Spotlights

I plan to add a Shooter Interview section to the blog. This is open from young guns to old, who have at least a year of matches under their belt. My goal is to spotlight one person per US State during the first round. This will NOT be a popularity contest; I am looking for folks who do this for fun just as much as those who focus on the winner’s circle. Rather, consider it an opportunity for us to learn about our fellow shooters and clubs.

This will also NOT be a platform to voice one's societal or world views. Please check all that at the Saloon door. The interviews will be strictly about Cowboy Action Shooters and their experiences and journey in the sport.

The interviews will be conducted in written form, so you do not need to be a technology guru. I will provide you with questions to be answered. I will ask for some photos or video to be used. If interested email me at

Please include in the email subject: SPOTLIGHT + your SASS Alias and State. Then just explain a little about yourself in a paragraph or two. If you write a novel, I will probably pass it over. If you are not picked during the first round, please do not get your irons twisted. This is for fun. This is for the community. See you on the trail Pards!

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